Bitcoin’s Market Cap Crosses $17.5 Billion

With Bitcoin surging over $6,000 and only days later, on the verge of breaking the $7,000 mark, the bulls of previous year’s rallies have been re-awakened. On the back of this massive rally, the collective market capitalization skyrocketed over $200 billion for the first time in almost six months. Just.

Over the past few weeks, small-cap crypto assets — altcoins — have been outperforming the market leader in Bitcoin. But there.

Bitcoin Market Cap Crosses $50 Billion Mark As BTC Price Surges The sudden and massive run up on Bitcoin Saturday pushed the market cap for the cryptocurrency above $50 bln for the first time ever, leaving investors thrilled.

There has been a minor retracement in the total market capitalization from $250 million on Tuesday to $248 billion at the time of writing. Bitcoin still takes the chunk of the market share, standing.

06/03/2017 · The cryptocurrency crossed the $15 billion mark on December 28 last year as price pushed toward the $1,000 milestone. Having begun the year above the $1,000 mark, bitcoin’s market cap hit $17.5 billion, before the bullish run hit a brick wall after intervention by China’s central bank which began investigating bitcoin exchanges in the country.

The latest statistics clearly indicate that the crypto winters are over now, as several cryptocurrencies posted unprecedented highs. Collectively the digital assets hit a thirteen month high with t.

Crypto Market Overview: Overall marketcap crosses $230 billion Cryptos | May 13 2019, 21:47 GMT BTC/USD bulls have been flirting with the $8,000-level.

Bitcoin loses $21 billion in market cap in 24 hoursThe complete beginner’s guide to Chainlink, a popular project enabling smart contracts to connect to real world data using.

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The dominance of Bitcoin over the cryptocurrency market also increased from 50.1% on 1st April to 51.6%. The total market capitalization increased by 12% surging the cryptocurrency markets with $17.65 billion. The total market capitalization of the crypto-markets crossed the $150 billion; at 5: 30 Hours UTC the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $163.7 billion.

We’re still 63 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017). Bitcoin market cap. Bitcoin’s market cap ended the day at $131,087,151,088. It now commands 67 percent of.

Bitcoin Hirt 16/11/2017 · Swiss bank Vontobel said it will start trading Switzerland's first two mini futures to short bitcoin on Friday, giving investors a tool to bet against the value of the volatile cryptocurrency or. The chart below is the price change over time. The yellow line is the price [USD / mBTC] at which actual

With economic and geopolitical risks on the rise, bitcoin boosters are championing the ability of their crypto-currency, which hit an all-time high this week, to rival gold as a safe-haven play. “When the existing money system has problems, people turn to bitcoin sort of like people used to go to gold in the old days,” [.


Bitcoin remains in a bullish pattern moving into the typically low volume weekend as it continues to test the $10,000 level.

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