Roger Ver Has A New Bet To The World

24 Nov 2017.

Now he's made a big bet on bitcoin, the world's most explosive cryptocurrency.

gambling and other shady reaches of the web—devised ever new ways.

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts—notably Calvin Ayre, Roger Ver,

16 Mar 2020.

Ver Claims Victory. In a recent video, Roger Ver, claims that he has 'clearly won the bet' and Chalie Lee must wear a Bcash T-shirt.

In fact, the basic purpose of betting lines and odds is to do just that. Bookmakers make their money by taking a small slice.

These Books will change the way you see the world! - Roger Ver reads a letter from you12 May 2016.

In partnership with Softswiss, Roger Ver's has launched casino, a trusted platform where players can bet bitcoins on a number of fun and.

to ensure a smooth operation for all of their customers around the world.

The Casino will offer a welcome package for all new.

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